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Fwd: Sign-up now for Microbial Genomics & Metagenomics workshop September 14-18, 2009

Another scam pretending to be from Elsevier

Why endosymbionts rule - see #PLoS Genetics paper on origin of an alternative genetic code

Ego Blogging of the Month: Thanks @SciAm for following selecting me as one of your "recommended" folks you follow on twitter

Worst new omics word award: diseasome (thx @steinsky @noahwilliamgray @mocost )

Deep subseafloor microbiology talk at #UCDavis raises questions about the definition of life

Strong Letter of Support for Katehi from group of UC Davis faculty

Help request - how does one block some DNA from being PCR amplified?

The White House - Press Office - President Obama Announces Intent to Nominate Francis Collins as NIH Director

Much ado about nothing - sniffing around for scandal with new UC Davis chancellor and not finding any

The end of Science? (Or, the danger of having a video camera at the beach with my brother)