STEM Diversity

Diversity in science is an important issue for many reasons.  I am collecting here my own writing on the topic as well as some other posts and articles of interest.

Here are some posts of mine about this topic:
Other posts and articles of interest


  1. Hi Jonathan, Love your blog and the YAMMM series in particular. I just got sent an add for a conference in Berlin next year, Innovative Genomics Summit where 12 speakers were announced, all male (women are not innovative as you know). I complained and they promptly added 2 speakers, 1 female and 1 male. I was glad they reacted (although a 1:13 ratio is not good) but I wonder whose complaint they were adressing when the added yet another male speaker. Can send you the ads If you are intrested.


Irresponsible reporting on "poop doping" from the Washington Post

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